It’s that time again – The annual Regional Culture Summit!

Oct 24 2018

We are a week away from the annual Regional Culture Summit, Vancouver. Every fall both Toronto and Vancouver host the regional summit that brings people together to enjoy an afternoon of exclusive networking and learning events. The big highlight features a keynote speaker along with a panel who delve deeper into the theme of Corporate Culture.

This year, in Vancouver, we have our very own Jeff Duncan participating in the panel discussion.

Why Jeff? you ask. Well, other than being a superb CEO of a successful and growing software company in beautiful Vancouver, he (and Meetingmax) was honored as Top Ten Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2016.

Here are a few reasons why Meetingmax’s culture helps us sustain a competitive advantage:

At Meetingmax, culture is the cornerstone of our success. We attribute the company’s accomplishments to a strong foundation rooted in a solid and well-communicated Vision, Core Purpose, Core Values, and a clear sense of direction shared amongst all team members.
Meetingmax’s Vision: Building better events globally through Awesome Reservation Technology and Ridiculously Remarkable Support.
Meetingmax’s Core Purpose: Helping People Find Their Tribes
Meetingmax’s Core Values:
Passion for People
Own It.
Ingenuity Everywhere
Make It Fun!
Thirst for Learning
If you want to know more about this click here.

This year the summit takes place at the Pan Pacific on October 30th. Jeff will be joined by a few other admirable personalities including Debra Hewson, President & CEO of Odium Brown Limited, as the keynote speaker. A team of Meetingmaxers will be there to support Jeff and get a chance to mingle with others who understand what it is like to be involved in a working environment that exceeds expectations.
Thanks to Waterstone Human Capital for presenting this opportunity to both Jeff and Meetingmax.

As professionals, we spend a large percentage of our waking hours in an office environment. Our home life affects our office life and vice versa. If you want to know more about creating a leading corporate culture read all about the Culture Blue Print, which was also highlighted as a session not-to-be-missed at BCTech Summit 2018.