Unconvention 2019 Session Highlights

Jan 23 2019

Are you ready to achieve some goals in 2019?

We are already well into the swing of things this year! Some of you have even attended a few industry events with some fantastic conversations and takeaways. Let’s continue this, how about mastering a software while keeping up to date with industry trends or growing your network while building a bank of helpful resources. The Unconvention has got you covered!

Join us this April 1-3 in Vancouver, BC for our annual user conference that actually focuses solely on event reservation management.
Here is a sneak preview of some of the education sessions at Unconvention 2019, Seasons of Change:

Keeping Up with Changing Times; Website and Google Analytics Basics

With Google Analytics (GA) becoming increasingly significant in placing your event business ahead of your competitors it is now more important than ever to get started with the basics. It’s not just about your business ranking but the data that is collected about your attendees is invaluable to event professionals.
Key takeaways include:

  • How to set up or add your MeetingMax to GA.
  • Navigate GA and brief overview of the system
  • Common terms and definitions
  • Setting up helpful custom filters
  • Beneficial Metrics to monitor
  • Setting up reports/dashboards

Leave this session with one pager that walks you through how you can utilize Google Analytics to better understand your guests’ patterns and workflows.
This session is brought to you by Amy Leyte, Client Success Manager, and Katherine Comberbach, Digital Marketing Manager. Together they will be combining their knowledge and passion for tracking digital information to enhance the users’ experience to introduce to the world of digital analytics.

Preparing for the Unpredictable; Shifting Your Mindset

You hear about it and you’re thankful it’s not you… until it happens to you!
Hotels canceling full room blocks a week prior to your event, natural disasters striking or delayed hotel construction/renovations are all unpredictable but happen.
No matter how organized and prepared you believe you are for your event, there are certain things you don’t have control over!
Drawing from real life experiences, this session allows event/meeting planners from a variety of event backgrounds to learn about real-life case studies and how these were overcome at the time.
The groups will then learn to problem solve creative solutions, prioritize hazards, and brainstorm other solutions that result in a successful event, regardless of what they’re facing.
In groups attendees will share:

  • Disastrous experiences and the solution at the time
  • Best practices around being mentally prepared to handle unpredictable disruptions
  • Brainstorm other “Out of the Box” solutions

Patrick MacCoubrey, Client Success and Operations Manager, and Katherine Comberbach, Marketing Manager will be facilitating this round table discussion drawing on experiences they have encountered.

Altering Permissions; Access Control Groups (ACG’s)

As an event housing manager, you likely work with others who need access to certain information in the Meetingmax system but want to ensure they don’t undo any of the hard work you’ve put into your events. The Meetingmax system has a couple of predefined Access Control Groups (ACG’s) that can be tailored to suit your needs.
It’s time to take control of your ACG’s in this educational segment by:

  • Understanding the functionality of Access Control Groups and how they are used to moderate the permissions of your MCP users
  • Covering how to use ACG’s to control which sections of the system your users can see and what they can edit
  • Learning how to apply permissions to events and to sub-blocks

Housing managers will take a look at examples of how these ACG’s can be used when overseeing larger housing management teams with our very own Reid Allen, Technical Support Analyst. Reid is Meetingmax’s resident system authority and curator of the Training Certification Program.

This year’s Unconvention will stay true to its name and continue to combine both the importance of industry and system education while making it fun and interactive. The organizers have a superb lineup of learning possibilities, out-of-the-box venues, entertainment and networking opportunities for all event For organizations and destinations that want to succeed at housing! Season of Change will focus on recognizing, anticipating, and managing changes in our industry, jobs, and day-to-day lives.

“Sometimes it’s all too easy to become fixated on events over which we have no power, or people who might never change their actions or attitudes. But rather than focus on blaming other or moving the unmovable, resilient people set their sights on what they can control.” (psych.com)