Seamless Hotel Reservation Software for your events

Streamline and manage your event reservations.

  •     commissions and rebates

    Accurate Commissions and Rebates

    With Meetingmax you no longer need to rely on the hotel’s final numbers to assess the value of your commissions and rebates. Track real time performance and run post event reports at your convenience through our housing software. 

  •        hotel reservation software increases reservation pick up

    Increase Your Group Pickup

    By providing a central place for reservation bookings, enjoy increased pickup inside the group block. When all hotel information is easily accessible on one page, attendees are less likely to shop third party sites for availability.

  •        control your room blocks

    Gain Control Over Your Room Blocks

    Meetingmax captures real time information, allowing you to manipulate your room blocks. If you have fulfilled an obligation at one hotel but are short at another, our software provides the opportunity to close out one hotel, forcing stays at another.

  •    Gain Negotiation Power with CVBs

    Gain Negotiating Power with CVBs

    Convention & visitor bureaus are mandated to fill hotel rooms. By using an online housing system to accurately track your rooms, you can use this information next time to prove the economic impact of your event and negotiate a better deal on room rates, rebates, or even discounts on city venues.


Why Meeting Planners love our technology

Easily create events, add hotels, and manage room inventory for your events.

View the attendee hotel booking process now.

Enhance the way you manage room blocks with sub block codes


Real Time Revenue Tracking


Report Generator


System Alerts


Message Display System


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Why customers love our service

Don’t take our word for it… Here’s what our customers are sayingg:

“We are delighted to partner with Meetingmax for our event accommodation needs. We looked at 20 providers and nobody had the ability to handle room bookings for large-scale, city-wide events like Meetingmax. This year [2012], we expect to do 2,500 events in 57 countries, tracking our room bookings through Meetingmax will allow us to leverage our buying power on behalf of all of our clients.”

Kurt R. Aichele, Chief Strategy Officer, PSA