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Unconvention 2020: Eduplaytion

Don’t miss out! Early bird rates for Unconvention 2020 expire December 31, 2019.

Save your seat at the event industry’s only conference focused on room block management. Join us in Vancouver, Canada March 30 – April 1, 2020.

For our 12th annual user conference we focused on two key elements of Unconvention; education and play. We’ve fused these together to create eduplaytion. Expect insightful education sessions, incredible venues, and lots of fun. You’ll leave ready to take your housing operations to the next level.

Early Bird Rates
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Keynote Speaker: Lorie Corceuera

Overcoming Burnout: Creating a Culture of Calm

With the rapid rise of technology and the increased awareness and access to information, our society is now living in the most distracted, stressed and overwhelmed state. Finding our calm state of mind is not only significant but necessary in order to manage our overall health and well-being. Find calm, peace and serenity in this interactive session.

Join Lorie Corcuera, Co-founder and CEO of SPARK Creations to learn how to:

  • Identify your energy gainers and drainers.
  • Gracefully say “no” and understand the power of setting clear boundaries.
  • Create and sustain new daily, weekly and monthly habits and routines.
  • Explore simple personal energy management strategies such as digital detoxes,niksen, breathing, and deep work.

Event Housing Education

Increase Event Revenue with Room Block Management

Room block management provides many benefits for event organizers. It allows planners to control their room blocks, it provides a central place to store data helping to prove the value of events, and it streamlines the booking process for attendees. One aspect that is vital, but often overlooked, is the ability to increase revenue.

This session will take you through:

  • The basics to making money with room block management (rebates, commission, concessions, and attrition)
  • Using Meetingmax effectively to increase revenue (inventory alerts, strategic cut-off dates, shoulder nights, and more)
  • Other creative ideas to generate revenue with Meetingmax (sponsorship, remarketing campaigns, booking fees, and reservation penalties)

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