We support the Black Lives Matter movement

First off, we want to apologize for our silence on the Black Lives Matter movement. Our team has been following the movement, and commenting personally, but we’ve yet to take a public stance as a company. That stops now as silence is no longer an option.

At Meetingmax, we support the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve always been advocates for diversity, having a team consisting of 37% BIPOC. Our stance has always been to hire the best person for the job, regardless of ethnicity. Annually, our entire team completes training with The Arbinger Institute, focusing on achieving an Outward Mindset, or more simply put, seeing people as people. We’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and we know that we can do better. We need to not only see people as people but to recognize, honour, and celebrate our differences.

As a company we commit to the following:

  • Continuing to support and train our staff on maintaining an Outward Mindset.
  • Creating opportunities for our team members to have open, honest discussions.
  • Continuing to celebrate our co-workers unique heritage at our daily huddles.
  • Providing resources to our team members and clients, should they choose to learn more. Since 2010 Meetingmax has fostered our company value “Thirst for Learning” through a book club called Gathering Minds. Currently, we have the following books on antiracism available:

We know that we will stumble along the way, but as a company we are committed to keeping our eyes, ears, and hearts open to improvement.

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