Whether you host multiple events throughout the year or one major event every few years, Meetingmax pricing plans are designed to be flexible for event planners.
All clients have access to a dedicated Client Success Manager (who actually answers when you call!), extensive training and resources, 24-hour access to the Meetingmax knowledgebase, software maintenance and improvements, new feature releases, a complimentary bucket of 500 room night transactions, and unlimited users & events.
Meetingmax room night transactions are non-expiring and will automatically roll over to your next event. We’ve eliminated the need to guess, forecast, and commit to annual volumes.
Meetingmax pricing is broken into three easy steps:

  1. Onboarding: a one-time fee of $4,000.00 USD* (*waived if you sign an Order Form within 30 days of your initial demo! Book now)
  2. System Subscription: annual fee of $2,500.00 USD
  3. Room Night Transactions: you have the option to purchase a bucket of room night transactions or directly bill your attendees. See below for more information.

“Meetingmax is extremely user-friendly for housing managers, hotels, and clients alike! The constant updates are extremely innovative. Oftentimes, Meetingmax rolls out a new feature before I even realize I need it!”
– Client Testimonial

Meetingmax Pricing – Buckets

Tired of room nights that expire? Us too. As long as you have an active system subscription your bucket of room night transactions will not expire. We’ve eliminated the need to guess, forecast, or commit to an annual volume.

  • Buckets start at 2,500 room night transactions
  • Choose to pay 12-monthly installments or pay in full for a discount
  • The larger the bucket, the lower your cost per room night
  • Includes a free integration with Stripe payment processor which enables you to collect revenue during the attendee booking process
  • Ability to upload rooming lists
  • Ability to charge hotel rooms to master

Meetingmax Pricing – Direct Bill

Meetingmax will bill your attendees directly, removing your organization’s need to pay for room night transactions. This is a great option if you’re working with a tight budget. Most attendees are used to paying a small transaction fee (think TicketMaster service fees).

  • Meetingmax will charge a non-refundable processing fee of $3.50 USD per room night on all reservations
  • All reservations must be booked with a valid credit card. As such there are some system limitations with this payment model, including:
    • Inability to connect a secondary payment processor
    • Inability to upload rooming lists
    • Inability to charge hotel rooms to master

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