What Makes Our Room Block Management Software So Awesome?

Meetingmax event housing simplifies the hotel booking process for attendees and helps to maximize contracted hotel room blocks. Gain full control over your room blocks, create new revenue streams to increase event ROI, and maintain a consistent reservation experience for attendees.
Our software was built by event planners; we understand that no two events are the same. Whether you are organizing a complex event with multiple hotels, or a smaller event at one host hotel, our event housing software is designed to support your event execution.
Scroll down to see how our room block management software benefits different industry sectors.

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Industry Sectors

Event Holders

Do you own and manage your own event and need help streamlining the way your attendees book hotel reservations? Meetingmax allows you to create a consistent guest experience with custom branding to match your event.

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Event Planners

As a professional event planner, your focus is on creating exceptional events to successfully support, connect and grow your community. At Meetingmax we are dedicated to helping you succeed in event housing management.

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Are you a Convention Visitor Bureau that hosts multiple conferences and events in your destination throughout the year? Create a seamless visitor experience with Meetingmax’s room block management software.

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Sports Events

Do you manage tournament housing for sporting events? Meetingmax allows you to easily implement Stay to Play policies and optimize your events with advanced sub-block functionality.

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Room Block Management Software Features

New Sources of Revenue

Generate new sources of revenue through service fees, tiered cancellations, penalties, display advertisements, rebates, and commission. Meetingmax’s room block management software includes a free integration with Stripe to collect immediate revenue from event attendees at the time of booking.

Customizable Messaging

Because we understand that each event is unique, we provide an array of customized messaging to help build a booking system that meets your individual needs as a planner. Your guests will know exactly what they need to do at every step of the booking process.

Extensive Reporting

The Meetingmax room block management software keeps you up-to-date by reporting on key data that matters most to you!  Valuable information such as rooming lists, pace reports, and revenue tracking allow housing managers to know how their events are performing at all times.

Sub-Block Management

Not every event attendee is the same. Meetingmax’s sub-block functionality is a powerful way to organize event attendees into unique groups. We offer individual branding, customized communication, bulk changes, and  various payment settings per group.

Effortless Reservation Process

Your event attendees will appreciate how easy it is to book their hotel rooms. We’ve eliminated the need to shop around multiple sites to find the best rates and desired amenities. Our room block management software provides one central link for all hotel options to be reviewed, where guests can easily compare rates and book inside the block.

Revenue Tracking

Keep track of the revenue you earn with the consumption of your room blocks. In Meetingmax you can track and pull reports on the commission and rebates you are owed. You no longer need to rely on the hotel’s final numbers. You can track real time performance and run reports on your time.

Custom Branding

The Meetingmax room block management software offers custom branding for each event. This includes headers, background images, primary colour, sub-block branding, and email customizations.
Embed code to provide additional functionality to your events such as links, buttons, surveys, and more. Easily place sponsorship branding and marketing collateral in the software.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you host multiple events throughout the year or one major event every few years, Meetingmax pricing plans are designed to be flexible for event planners.
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