Learn what you can do with the Meetingmax Aventri integration

The Meetingmax Aventri integration allows event attendees to move seamlessly from registration to booking hotel accommodations, sharing important attendee information between the two systems.
Aventri is a global leader in cloud-based analytics and data-driven, end-to-end event management and venue sourcing solutions. The award-winning, open-source platform delivers innovative technology solutions to streamline the event process, providing real time data and analytics on event performance, customer engagement, and increasing measurable event ROI.

Benefits of the Aventri integration include:

Number 1Integrated attendee experience: Allow attendees to move seamlessly from event registration to booking hotel rooms.

Number 2Eliminate data duplication for guests: Guest contact information including first name, last name, address, city, zip code, phone, email, and more will copy seamlessly over to Meetingmax.

Number 3Comprehensive data: Push real-time guest data from Meetingmax such as Hotel Name, Room Type, Sub-block Information, Reservation Status, Hotel Confirmation Number, and Check-in and Check-out dates to Aventri, allowing you to pull comprehensive reports.

Number 4Control inventory: Attendees who register under a specific category in Aventri (e.g. Exhibitor), can only access the inventory associated with that sub-block (e.g. Exhibitor sub-block)

Number 5Enforce attendee feature: When enabled, this feature will only allow registered attendees to access hotel inventory. The attendee must be registered in the Aventri system first and must come to the event’s front-end through the Aventri system in order to see the hotel selection screen.

Number 6Reservations per attendee feature: This feature allows you to control the number of rooms each registered attendee can book; if you have a limit of rooms your attendee should be able to reserve, you can set this here.

Number 7Increase pick up inside your block: In Meetingmax, you can filter and export data tables to create a report on attendees who have registered but not yet booked a hotel room. Use this data to encourage those attendees to book inside the block ASAP.

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