Getting your hotel partners onboard

Have you decided to invest in event room block management software but you lack the tools to get your hotel partners on board?
While communication is the best way to build a positive relationship with your hotel partners, sometimes you also need a legal agreement to fall back on. This is especially useful during hotel staff turnover. While a verbal agreement from a previous sales manager may not hold much weight with new staff, a signed hotel agreement will.
Below is a copy of Meetingmax’s recommended Standard Hotel Agreement which includes a set of terms and conditions that hotel partners adhere to in order to secure your business (ie. your contracted block of hotel rooms). This is a useful tool to ensure your hotel partners are compliant with your chosen event housing software and it will maximize the planner’s flexibility in controlling the room block.

Event Housing Hotel Agreement

Standard Hotel Agreement

In order to be a participating hotel for a meeting/event planned by COMPANY X, the following agreement must be signed and returned along with the countersigned hotel contract. No vendor agreement will be considered definite until this agreement has been completed.
As an official signatory of the hotel, I agree to all the following terms and conditions:
EVENT NAME: [Event Name] [Event Dates]

  1. All reservations will be taken by the Meetingmax Online Reservation System until the determined system shutdown date. No reservations will be taken directly by the hotel through either in-house or central reservations.
  2. The Hotel is not to publish a matched or lower rate to the general public over the event peak nights, including fenced rates (this does not refer to negotiated corporate rates/government rates).
  3. The Hotel shall process pending reservation requests through the Meetingmax Hotel Control Panel (HCP) Website. Information and instruction on these procedures will be provided prior to the live date.
  4. The Hotel must make every effort to process pending reservation requests every 24 hours (with the exception of weekends). This effort will ensure all guests receive a confirmation email (automatically generated from the Meetingmax system) in a timely manner.
    The Hotel must make every effort to process pending reservation requests on the contracted cut-off date. This effort will ensure all guests receive a confirmation email (automatically generated from the Meetingmax system) in a timely manner.
  5. Other than the automatic email confirmation as described above, no further confirmation needs to be sent to guests unless the hotel management wishes to do so.
  6. The Meetingmax system will allow the delegates to request a change to a name, check-in, or check-out date, online. The hotel cannot process these requests directly with the guest up until the designated shutdown date. If contacted by the guest, the Hotel must refer them back to the Meetingmax site which can be accessed by link on their emailed confirmation.
  7. The hotel is not allowed to take any cancellation requests directly from the guest until the determined shutdown date. All such inquiries must be routed through the Meetingmax system. This has been done to minimize individual cancellations thus protecting the hotel. Hotels that take cancellations directly from guests will be invoiced for commissions and/or rebates associated with those cancellations and the Hotel agrees to compensate according to the invoice.
  8. COMPANY X and the Hotel shall review actual pickup prior to the cutoff date and, at such time, increase the group block (based upon availability determined by the Hotel) or decrease it without penalty.
  9. The Hotel shall have the right to release any unused rooms at the cut-off date or allow to continue to sell rooms until the Hotel advises otherwise with a new date in writing.
  10. Should the Hotel allow it to sell after the contracted cutoff date (as outlined in Clause 9), all reservation requests made in the Meetingmax system must be honored and processed by the Hotel up until COMPANY X and the Hotel close down the system. (Not applicable if contracted cutoff date stands)
  11. If there are any specific issues or conflicts with any guest upon arrival, or during the course of their stay, the Hotel is to notify COMPANY X of the issue so it may take appropriate action.
  12. All final pick-up reports must be sent to COMPANY X by the Hotel no later than 5 business days after the close of the event, or after the last guest in the block departs. Failure to provide final numbers will result in an invoice totaling the final numbers contained within the Meetingmax system. The Hotel agrees to compensate COMPANY X based on the invoiced amount.
  13. COMPANY X will invoice the Hotel within 10 days from the close of the event.
  14. Commissions must be couriered (FedEx or similar) to COMPANY X no more than 30 days after completion of the event. Failure to do so will jeopardize future bookings with COMPANY X.


Street Address
City, State, Zip


I have read the above agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.


AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: ______________________________________

TITLE: ______________________________________________________

HOTEL NAME: ________________________________________________

DATE: ______________________________________________________


Download Hotel Agreement PDF

This hotel agreement is a great resource to compel your hotel partners toward the optimum use of room block management software.
By mandating that all reservations, cancellations, and reservation changes go through the event housing software you will have accurate reporting during and post-event. It also protects your group rates, ensuring there are no matched or lower general public rates over your event dates, ultimately leading to increased bookings inside your block. Lastly, by having your hotel partners agree to send their final pick-up reports within a specified time frame [5 days is recommended] you have a leg up on post-event reconciliation.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to chat!

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