Explore the traits we believe are the most important for housing superheroes to save the day!

Superpower #2: Power to Build

This superpower applies to a few areas; the first of which are technical skills on how to manage a software properly. This means being able to utilize the tool at their disposal efficiently, effectively, and accurately. A great example of this is when we work with a client that can show us a shortcut in our application before we even know about it!; THAT is a real super power. This also means using the tools they have in unconventional ways when needed. The ability to make 1 + 1 = 3. Using the tools at your disposal to build a great experience.
Second, a housing manager superhero needs the ability to build value. We believe an effective way to do this is through strong negotiation skills. When you can provide your client with something they never imagined possible, we guarantee that you’ll be a superhero in their eyes. Most hotel contracts come with comp rooms, upgrades, and rebates, but secure your client free stays to enjoy the property six month post-event, or a hospitality suite for them to use during the event, or double their planner loyalty points at their favourite chain, and you’ve raised the bar.

Lastly, in the power to build bucket, is the power to build relationships. This is key for not just your clients, but your hotel partners and your attendees/guests as well. When people know you’re available to help find a solution to their problem, whatever it may be, you can literally save the day.

Need to work on this super power?

Here are a few resources we believe will help you master the superpower to build:


Stay tuned next week for the reveal of Superpower #3.

To Be Continued…

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