Explore the traits we believe are the most important for housing superheroes to save the day!

Superpower #3: Agility

Anyone remotely familiar with the worlds of events/tournaments, knows that you need to move at lightning speed in a moment’s notice. There’s very little time to stop and analyze why something is not going to plan. A real Housing Manager Superhero is able to stay quick on their feet and find creative, ingenious paths forward, without dwelling on what went wrong.
Having this super power does not mean ignoring what went wrong forever, but knowing the appropriate time to review. We conduct what we call “Start, Stop, Continue meetings” after every event where all major players can determine what we need to start doing (what did we forget?), stop doing (what went wrong?) or continue doing (what could be better? What did we nail?) for the next event.
This superpower also includes the ability to spin many plates at once. Let me paint a picture:

  • You know you need an event booking site live in a week, but you’re still waiting on contracts from 7 hotels.
  • People keep booking outside the block while they wait for a booking link and the planner keeps asking you why.
  • The event schedule gets changed 4 times
  • Your month-end reports are due
  • People are trying to check in for your event happening now and their reservations have been lost
  • One hotel had to walk 3 guests
  • Your phone is ringing none stop with guests looking to make reservations and changes
  • A rain storm is threatening to rain out your event, and and and….

If you read the above and found yourself nodding in agreement like “sounds like a normal Tuesday in the office”, you very well may have this superpower. The ability to be agile and move and weave to what needs your most immediate attention is admirable and so important to be successful.

Three cheers for the Agile Housing Manager!!

Need to work on this super power?

Here are a few resources we believe will help you master the superpower to build:

Stay tuned next week for the reveal of the FINAL SUPERPOWER.

The Saga Concludes Next Week…

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