Allow Hotel Partners to Suggest Inventory Changes

Hotel Inventory Management

Meetingmax is excited to release a brand new feature focused on saving you time. This new feature gives your hotel partners more control over their inventory associated with your events. Rather than waiting for updated room inventory to be sent via email or spreadsheets, you can now enable your hotel partners to suggest changes directly through their Meetingmax Hotel Control Panel. Don’t worry, as an event administrator, you still have final say over what suggested changes are accepted or rejected!
In light of our current post-COVID landscape, working reduced hours with smaller teams, we hope this feature will save you time and improve event management efficiency.

How does it work?


    1. Enable hotel users to suggest inventory changes: Meetingmax always aims to put the event administrator in the driver’s seat so, as with most of our features, you decide whether to enable it or not. You might be more comfortable rolling this out to select hotel partners rather than enabling it across the board. Either way, the ball is in your court. The feature is enabled on an event-hotel basis.
      Hotel Inventory Management Step 1
    2. Hotel users suggest inventory changes: Once the feature is enabled, your hotel partners will gain access to an inventory tab in their Hotel Control Panel. Here they will be able to suggest an increase or decrease in room nights for your event dates.
    3. Inventory suggestions presented to administrators: Once an inventory suggestion has been made, system administrators will be notified in the Master Control Panel. You will be given the option to Merge, Discard, or deal with the suggestion Later. If discarded the suggestion will be rejected and there will be no changes to your inventory. If merged, the new inventory suggestions will be added to your existing hotel inventory and, once saved, made available to the public to reserve.
      Hotel Inventory Management Step 3

For more information please reach out to your Client Success Manager, check out the Knowledge Base (you must be logged in to the MCP to view), or request a demo today to see this feature in action.

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