10 Ways Meetingmax increases attendee bookings in the official room block

Getting attendees to book in the official room block is one of the many challenges event planners face. The convenience and efficiency of Meetingmax’s room block management software can drastically ease the booking procedures for attendees, increasing bookings inside event hotel room blocks. Use of the software will lead to increased revenue capture and more accurate data tracking.

Number 1

Centralized Information: Meetingmax provides one central place for all hotel options to be reviewed. Your event attendees will no longer have to search through various sites and worry whether they got the best available rate.

Number 2

24/7 System Access: Meetingmax not only provides the ability for guests to make their reservations when it’s convenient for them, but it allows online reservations changes anytime, day or night.Number 3
Real Time Inventory: Guests can view all event hotel inventory in real-time and book at their leisure.
Number 4
Reservation Flexibility: Allow your guests to create reservations using sub-block codes, make a single booking containing multiple rooms, along with a host of variable options. Meetingmax is easily customized to meet your needs.

Number 5

Sub-Blocks: Sub-blocks allow you to allocate specific inventory or assign special rates to a group of rooms. Attendees can easily create reservations using a unique sub-block code you’ve assigned them, or they can access their unique inventory through direct booking links.

Number 6

Custom System Messaging: In Meetingmax you have the option to add up to 10 custom messages; guiding attendees through the entire reservation process and helping them navigate potential barriers like limited hotel availability, deposits, and minimum night stays.

Number 7

Hotel Filters: Meetingmax offers a host of customizable hotel filters which allow attendees to refine which hotels are shown during the reservation process. Guests can quickly locate their favourite hotel chains, find properties with their preferred amenities, or sort hotels based on proximity to the main event.

Number 8

Shoulder Nights: In Meetingmax you can easily add additional inventory to your event shoulder dates. If no rooms are available on these dates and guests want to stay extra nights, they could look for alternative options. Ensure availability for those needing to book a longer stay than just the event peak nights.

Number 9

System Alerts: Program your system to notify you of important milestones in your events. If you want to know when your block has reached a certain percentage, exhausted inventory on any night, or if the hotel it taking too long to process a change, System Alerts can notify you or anyone else in your organization.

Number 10

Registration Integration: Meetingmax is integrated with industry leading registration systems RainFocus and Aventri. Should you choose to integrate with other software, you can access our open API. Ideally, attendees will move seamlessly from registration to housing so they can register and book their hotel room in one go. If possible, brand the registration and housing systems to match so the attendees feel as if it’s one transaction. 

Here’s a quick overview of the Meetingmax Room Block Management system for event and meeting planners.


Curious about your attendees’ experience when booking their event hotel rooms through Meetingmax? Check out this video on the attendee experience.

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