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Sports tournaments are unique! There are few events that rival the sudden changes that occur in tournaments. Firstly, they involve many teams with varying priorities on hotel rooms; some want to stay closest to the field while others want the least expensive rates. Not to mention a coach will often pack as many people as possible into one room. Secondly, many date changes can occur as soon as the schedule is released, with room nights being dropped-off and picked-up accordingly. And the schedule is often not released until a few days prior to the event start! Finally, all this and we haven’t even mentioned the effect that weather can have… rain out anyone? Needless to say, tournament management is not for the faint of heart. We understand this and want to make sports tournament housing as seamless and flexible as possible.

Sports organizers are turning to Meetingmax for these benefits:


    1. Easily manage stay to play tournaments: You no longer need to rely on your hotel partners for pick up reports, simply log in to Meetingmax to confirm that guests have booked a room. Let teams know that if they don’t book a hotel room by a certain date their registration will be canceled. On the appointed date, simply pull a rooming list report from Meetingmax and confirm guests names.

    3. Improve guest satisfaction: Meetingmax makes it easy for attendees to book within the block. Through one link they can view all participating hotels, filter by preferred amenities (think proximity, rates, complimentary breakfast), and select their preferred hotel.

    5. Generate immediate revenue: All Meetingmax clients have access to a free integration with Stripe, giving you the ability to collect revenue during the guest booking process. You no longer need to rely on post-event payments from your hotels. (That’s right, you don’t need to wait months before getting paid!)

    7. Optimize events with sub-block management: Not every event attendee is the same. Meetingmax’s sub-block tool is a powerful way to organize attendees into unique groups. Individually brand sub-blocks, create customized communication, and set custom payment settings for each group. Additionally, utilize our powerful sub-block request tool whereby team leads or coaches can request their preferred block of rooms and you can approve and automatically assign inventory.

    9. Room nights that don’t expire: Seriously! With an active subscription your room nights will continue to roll over. As a sports tournament housing organizer it can be difficult to forecast your annual pickup. With Meetingmax you don’t need to forecast. Simply buy a bucket of room nights that fits your needs. Subscriptions include unlimited users and events.

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