Meetingmax's outstanding corporate culture has been recognized by Waterstone Human Capital

We are excited to announce that Meetingmax has been selected as a winner of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures™ presented by Waterstone!

This national program annually recognizes best-in-class Canadian organizations for having cultures that enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. Forty winners are annually chosen across four categories; three are based on revenue (growth and small cap, mid-market and enterprise) and one not-for-profit category (broader public sector). Organization’s submissions are scored on 6 categories: vision and leadership, recruitment and hiring for fit, cultural alignment and measurement, retention, rewards and recognition, organizational performance and corporate social responsibility. The Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures™ program creates a benchmark of success for all those who are nominated.

At Meetingmax, culture is the cornerstone of our success. We attribute the company’s accomplishments to a strong foundation rooted in a solid and well-communicated Vision, Core Purpose, Core Values, and a clear sense of direction shared amongst all team members.

  • Meetingmax’s Vision: Building better events globally through Deep Understanding, Awesome Solutions, and Ridiculously Remarkable Support.
  • Meetingmax’s Core Purpose: Helping People Find Their Tribes
  • Meetingmax’s Core Values:
    • Passion for People
    • Own It.
    • Ingenuity Everywhere
    • Make It Fun!
    • Thirst for Learning

Below are a few of the fun culture aspects we include in our day to day routine. We initially implemented key incentives designed to make the company a fun, relaxed place to work. Over the years a culture of encouragement for staff to contribute their ideas has resulted in a wide variety of fun and creative rituals. Each is designed to deepen our vision, purpose and values throughout the organization. Highlights include:

  • Daily Huddle: Every morning at 10:20am the office gathers to share good news, client wins, daily goals, and pick one team member’s iPod to serve as the office soundtrack for the day. Every Monday a core value is highlighted for the week; praise is given to team members who exemplify that core value throughout the week.
  • Ridiculously Remarkable Acts: Employees have a budget per quarter to spend on delighting and servicing their clients and partners. Past gifts include flowers, chocolates, donations, Starbucks gift cards, books, and more.
  • 30 Minute Think Times: Once a week at a time that suits them, staff take personal “30-minute think times”, during which they’re encouraged to take space from their desk in order to review Meetingmax’s annual goals, brainstorm creative ways to tackle problems they may be facing, and to reflect on their personal goals.
  • Gathering Minds: Given the company’s quest and value of continuous growth, monthly the team and clients review various media in the hopes that it will help them grow personally or professionally. Content (audio books, articles, videos) is provided to everyone at the company’s expense. Everyone meets at the end of the month to discuss their top takeaways.
  • Slipper Optional Policy: Meetingmax provides cozy branded slippers for employees and visiting clients, bringing some added comfort to the workplace.
  • Liquor Cart Fridays: Friday afternoons feature a weekly social gathering, a time for the team to get together and relax with a cocktail courtesy of Meetingmax’s stocked bar.
  • Out-of-the-Box Days: The team participates in bi-annual off-site training days to push the company forward.

We are honoured to win this award and to be recognized for our outstanding corporate culture!

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