Five fun ideas to incorporate into your next event

Embed code in Meetingmax in order to provide additional functionality to your events. After guests complete their hotel reservations, these custom features will display on the confirmation page at the bottom of the screen. This is a great way to engage with your guests and provide further information about the event or host destination. Curious about what to embed? Below are examples we’ve seen our clients execute with great success.

5 examples of how to embed code in your next event:


    1.  Videos: Who doesn’t love a good event pump-up video? Or maybe you’ve partnered with a charity and want to show your guests what they’re about. The options are endless. If the video lives on YouTube simply click on share, then embed, then copy and paste the code into Meetingmax.
      Example of embedded video
    2. Registration: Traditionally guests register for an event and then book their hotel rooms; switch things up and embed your event registration page at the end of the hotel booking process.
      Example of embed registration
    3. Event Countdown: countdowns are always fun and create a sense of excitement amongst your attendees! There are many free options available online. In this example, a countdown was created on logwork.com. Simply customize your settings, click on embed, and copy and paste the code into Meetingmax.
      Example of embed event countdown
    4. Local Weather Report: Alert your guests to the local weather. This is a useful tool for educating guests on what to wear and pack for your event. And, if the host city is a destination known for its weather (think Florida sunshine) it will create an unconscious level of excitement – who doesn’t love a sunny getaway?!Example of embed local weather
    5. Webpage: The options are endless with this one. Embed your organizations website, a list of things to do in the host city, or a list of other events you’re hosting which may be of interest. Webpages are fully functional inside the Meetingmax application meaning guests can click links, videos will run, and more. Example of embed webpage

Inspired yet? We hope you are and we can’t wait to see what you embed in your next event! Learn more about Meetingmax’s functionality in this blog post.

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