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Meetingmax’s hotel room block management software has many key features to help event organizers save time and improve event management efficiency.

All of the features listed below are included in all versions of our hotel room block management software. Woohoo! Who wants to pay extra for basic features? Not us. At Meetingmax we want all of our clients to succeed in housing so we make sure to provide the tools to allow you to do just that.

Meetingmax’s time saving features include:


    • Clone events: If you manage annual events you can quickly clone them year over year in Meetingmax saving time on the event setup.


    • Ability to edit reservations in bulk: This is a helpful tool if you want to mass edit reservations. For example, if you want to send a private note to your hotel stating that you would like your VIPs sub-block guests to be on the highest available floor.


    • Ability to send emails in bulk: This tool allows you to send emails in bulk to select guests.


    • Duplicate checker: This tool allows you to quickly find any guests who may have accidentally made a double booking, freeing up inventory for you to resell.


    • Clone sub-blocks: If you have 20 sports teams attending your event, speed up the process by cloning your sub-block. This will copy all settings and branding over to each new sub-block, saving time on re-entering data. Click here for additional time saving sub-block tips.


    • Real time data: You no longer need to rely on your hotels to provide you updates on event room pick up as you can see this directly in the system.


    • Historical data: Quickly pull and review past event performance and historical data.


    • Summary: Use the Summary tool to see at a glance how your events are doing. You can also schedule this to send as a report to various team members.


    • Reporting: We have various reports available at a click to view event pace, guest details, and more. You can also schedule these to send to various team members.


    • In app reminders: Setup various email alerts to automatically be notified when inventory is running low, when room block attrition percentages have been met, and more. You can also set up reminders for your hotel partners to login to Meetingmax to process any outstanding reservations and/or guest change requests; saving you time from having to call and follow up with your hotel partners.


    • Ability to manipulate inventory: You can quickly update event room inventory if you need to add additional room nights, remove inventory if a hotel has oversold (hopefully not but it happens!), and more.


  • Reduce calls to your organization: Guests can make reservations online and submit all reservation changes online through the change request link in the acknowledgement/confirmation emails.

Click below for a quick overview of Meetingmax’s hotel room block management software.

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