Event technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, and at Meetingmax, we are at the forefront of envisioning the future of event housing. In our short format video series, “The Meetingmax of Tomorrow,” we delve into innovative concepts and features that will reshape the landscape of event housing. Some of these ideas are already on our product roadmap, while others represent our aspirations for the future.
Join us as we explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the world of event housing. Follow us on Instagram for video snippets covering the ideas below:

Number 1Topic 1: GDS Advancements

As we peer into the future of event housing, we envision revolutionary changes between our software and the Global Distribution Systems (GDS). First and foremost we are actively working to integrate our housing software with Sabre, the most widely used GDS among hotels in North America. This will allow for a seamless push of guest hotel reservation details directly into hotels’ Property Management Systems (PMS).
Meetingmax aims to push the boundaries by implementing instant booking capabilities (offering bar rates for non-contracted rooms) and providing services tailored for different groups through courtesy blocks. Imagine the convenience of easily switching from a contracted group rate block to instant booking within the same platform once the contracted block is depleted.
Additionally, our vision includes seamless upselling opportunities through room upgrades, integration of flight and car rental options, and a rate checker to ensure the best group rates.
Integrated technology

Number 2Topic 2: AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to play a pivotal role in the future of event housing. Meetingmax envisions an AI event auditor, capable of checking rates and contracts to identify potential issues or areas for improvement. Hotel profile creation, Chat GPT message creation, and the integration of DALL-E images for automated branding are also part of our futuristic outlook. Hotel contract checker functionalities, intelligent inventory management, and multilingual adaptation beyond traditional translation tools further highlight the possibilities of leveraging AI for a more efficient and seamless event housing experience.
AI assisting a human with computer work

Number 3Topic 3: Sub-block Management Evolution

In our quest for an advanced event housing future, Meetingmax envisions the following adaptations to our already robust sub-block management capabilities:
Building on existing sub-block requests, we envision the option to allow groups to secure sub-block inventory in real time. The event administrator will maintain control over the number of rooms allowed to be booked at one time, the ability to close out a block if a group books multiple (with alerts in place for this), and the ability to pre-set a sub-block cut-off date. Fear not if you prefer to maintain full control over approved sub-blocks! Clients could elect to have sub-blocks “requested” or “booked in real-time” in the admin panel.
Additionally, Sub-Block Organizer (SBO) portals will facilitate real-time tracking of sub-block pickup, the ability to download rooming lists, requests for additional inventory and cut-off extensions, and direct communication with attendees in their groups. Furthermore, integrating the option to upload rooming lists into the SBO portal showcases our dedication to enhancing existing features such as custom branding, messaging, payment options, and free nights.
A man putting together puzzle pieces

Number 4Topic 4: Comprehensive Payment Solutions

As event housing evolves, Meetingmax anticipates changes in payment methods. Our vision encompasses acceptance of cryptocurrencies and non-traditional payment methods, along with accepting payment through multiple currencies. Another element is the introduction of ad-hoc charges, and the ability to process multi-payments and on-demand refunds. We know that a detailed hotel audit report to reconcile room nights and rates against credit card charges or direct billing is crucial. Additionally, event housing of the future will allow adding folios or charges, complete with reference codes or GL String numbers, promoting transparency and accuracy in financial transactions.
Someone making a credit card transaction online

Number 5Topic 5: Integration with Hotel Apps

Meetingmax foresees an exciting integration between event software and hotel apps, shaping the future of hotel bookings. This integration facilitates push notifications and immediate upsells, such as late checkouts, providing a seamless and personalized experience for event attendees.
Picture this: As a guest arrives back at their hotel after a day at the conference, beacon technology flags them, cross-references with housing, and realizes that they are a current guest of the hotel. It welcomes them back and offers to assist them in booking spa appointments or dining reservations. As it integrates with the event schedule in registration, it notes that the guest is confirmed for an early morning break-out session. The push technology reminds the guest of their session and asks if they would like a wake-up call at 6:00 AM to provide enough time to arrive at the session at 7:00 AM.
Read more on the Future of Hotel Bookings.
A hotel guest, in a robe, on their bed, viewing their cell phone

Number 6Topic 6: Robust Communication Channels

Communication lies at the heart of successful event housing. In the future, Meetingmax envisions platforms that enable seamless communication with travelers through text or follow-up emails, ensuring a direct line of communication without overwhelming attendees. The ability to follow up without expecting a reply offers flexibility and enhances overall communication efficiency.
A person communicating digitally on a cell phone

Number 7Topic 7: Front-end Booking Innovation

In the future, Meetingmax aims to revolutionize the front-end booking experience. Picture a completely customizable front end, allowing event planners to drag and drop elements based on their preferences effortlessly. Building upon existing features like custom colors, images, social media integration, and sponsorships, Meetingmax strives to offer an immersive and tailored booking experience for event administrators and attendees alike.
An example of a cell phone application with drag & drop modules
As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of event technology, Meetingmax remains dedicated to pioneering innovations that will define the future of event housing. Our Instagram series, “The Meetingmax of Tomorrow,” invites you to join us on this exciting journey as we explore, innovate, and shape the future of event housing together.
Stay tuned for more insights, ideas, and advancements that will continue to set housing software apart in the dynamic world of event technology.

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