Revolutionizing Room Block Management Software with Unprecedented Speed and Efficiency

Vancouver, BC, June 24, 2024 — [View the original release here] Meetingmax, a leading provider of room block management software, proudly announces the launch of Hyperbook. This groundbreaking upgrade sets a new standard for housing software in the event industry. This revolutionary enhancement offers a modernized user experience, unparalleled speed, and robust future-proofing for high-traffic event launches.
Hyperbook redefines the front-end booking experience, boasting a remarkable 68% increase in speed. Attendees can now secure their rooms faster than ever before. Internal tests reveal that Hyperbook outperforms industry competitors making it the fastest room block management software on the market.
Hyperbook is designed to handle concurrent users effortlessly, making it ideal for large-scale enterprise events. Whether you’re launching a high-volume event or managing multiple event launches simultaneously, Hyperbook ensures reliable and efficient performance.
“We’re thrilled to introduce Hyperbook to our clients and the industry,” said Jeff Duncan, CEO of Meetingmax. “This upgrade not only enhances the speed and efficiency of our software but also sets a new benchmark for room block management technology. We’re confident that Hyperbook will transform the way event planners manage their room blocks, providing an unparalleled user experience.”
At the core of Hyperbook’s innovation is a completely rebuilt proprietary inventory calculation system. This optimization results in a significantly quicker and more efficient inventory allocation process. Average load times have been dramatically decreased, making the navigation and booking process smoother than ever. The hotel selection page alone has seen a 63% speed enhancement, ensuring a seamless experience for users from start to finish.
To achieve these industry-leading advancements, Meetingmax collaborated with top-tier consulting firms. Their comprehensive architecture review involved in-depth consultations with PWC, Inovatec, and Autimo, ensuring they implemented the best solutions available. These firms have a proven track record of excellence, having worked with leading companies across various sectors.
In addition to back-end infrastructure improvements, Hyperbook includes a modern refresh of Meetingmax’s front-end reservation site. The goal was to meet and exceed industry standards for both look and feel, taking cues from leading platforms like Expedia, Booking.com, and Trivago.
For more information about Hyperbook and to schedule a demo, visit meetingmax.cc



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