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Straightforward, Powerful and Flexible reservation software

Straightforward, Powerful and Flexible

The Meetingmax system is designed for people of all comfort levels when it comes to technology. The various user interfaces are comprehensive while maintaining ease of use for all participants.

The reservations panel allows your event attendees to intuitively explore available hotels and their amenities, compare rates, and book their rooms. We understand that each event is unique. We provide an array of customizations to help build a system that meets your individual needs. Our cloud-based applications provide 24/7 system access and allows you to view event details and real time booking information from any available device.


Reservation Flexibility

Reservation Flexibility

With our system’s flexibility, allow your guests to create reservations using sub-block codes, make a single booking containing multiple rooms, along with a host of variable options. Our software is easily customized to meet your needs. With 24/7 system access, Meetingmax not only provides the ability for guests to make their reservations when it’s convenient for them, but it allows online reservations changes anytime, day or night.


Extensive Reporting & Tracking Capabilities

Extensive Reporting & Tracking Capabilities

Create customized reports with event information that matters most to you. Whether you need to guard against attrition exposure, manage revenue or keep track of deposits, the system presents you the ability to build and save your own customized reports with the data you find most important. Measure your events impact by reporting on key data such as total room nights booked, total number of guests and total room spend per event.

Keep track of the revenue you earn with the consumption of your block. Whether you require commissions or rebates, or are earning revenue on each room night, program the system to accurately track exactly how much you are owed in real-time. With Meetingmax you no longer need to rely on the hotel’s final numbers. You can track real time performance and run post event reports.



Hotel Accommodation Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

We’re in a unique position to understand all sides of the housing spectrum as we license our software as well as provide full accommodation management. Depending on your housing needs, and available resources, we’ll get you started on the best path for success. Use our collection of experts to help you navigate through the complex world of hotel contracts and rate assessments or follow our tailored training programs to become fluent in our software. Don’t go it alone and hope for the best, get our industry professionals working for you.


Effortless Reservation Process

Effortless Reservation Process

Your event attendees will appreciate how easy it is to book their hotel rooms. We’ve eliminated the need to shop around multiple properties to find the best rates and desired amenities. Our software provides one central place for all hotel options to be reviewed, where guests can easily compare rates and make reservations. When all hotel information is easily accessible on one page, attendees are less likely to shop third party sites for availability. By providing this central place for reservation bookings, enjoy increased pickup inside the block.


Create New Revenue Streams

Create New Revenue Streams

Generate revenue from activity transacted through our reservation software. Organizations use Meetingmax as a way to increase funds coming in through revenue capture on individual reservations, selling advertising space and ticket sales.

Drive additional revenue and engagement with our Message Display Advertisements. By using message placements to advertise you can quickly monetize your housing system and provide highly targeted demographic users to your partners. Whether you wish to address existing sponsorship relationships, provide additional sponsorship opportunities or drive additional revenue to your event, the Message Display Advertising System offers a dynamic way to personalize your events.




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Meetingmax always strives to assist their clients and go above and beyond to make the Meetingmax experience successful. There is always a willingness to help and a friendly representative
to provide guidance. Every event or webinar I have attended has been thoughtfully designed and executed in an exceptional manner. Meetingmax is professional and exceeds their customers expectations.

I love Meetingmax! Not only do I love the system as it is extremely intuitive and user-friendly but I love working with the team at MMX. I'm always confident they will work with me to find a solution to any challenge I may be facing and I feel they genuinely strive to make my life easier!


allie moore sales Manager
Tri-cities visitor & convention bureau

laura senz convention services manager
greater madison cvb