How EDUPLAYTION can be the Most Powerful Form of Learning


When you think of a conference, what comes to mind?

Perhaps stilted networking sessions, bland buffets, and endless hours of sitting in a hotel ballroom. Well, lucky for your event attendees, these thoughts can be left in 2019. Events are evolving into fully immersive and interactive experiences. The power of interactive events is taking the spotlight in 2020 and beyond.

Two hot trends for 2020 are experiential learning and gamification. Keep reading for ideas on how to incorporate these into your next event.

The power of interactive events

Experiential Learning

Creating an immersive experience for your attendees is imperative in allowing them to connect with your brand. This includes everything from event branding to venue selection. According to Associations Now, “The only way to get people to take time out of the office is to give them a life experience that they cannot get if they just choose to participate remotely.”

Meetingmax likes to have fun with this at their annual user conference, tying the theme into venue selection. Diving Deeper saw sessions at the Vancouver Aquarium, Dockside Restaurant and aboard BC Ferries. Raise the Bar took attendees to elevated venues, from a penthouse suite, to Earls LOFT, to the highest eatery in the city, the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant. Utilizing a variety of venues for a fully immersive educational experience creates a fun and memorable event. Your imagination is the limit.


When was the last time you called up a friend to go play? Chances are it’s been a while.

At its core, “gamification” is the process of using  game mechanics to encourage behavioral change. This can mean encouraging app downloads, promoting networking, or increasing engagement with sponsors. Adding a little bit of friendly competition is an effective way for attendees to interact with your event on a deeper level. But this isn’t always as simple as it sounds. It is important to consider the behaviours you want to promote, and consider how, or if,  the reward will motivate that behaviour.

For example, at Unconvention 2019, using the Aventri App, attendees were able to ask questions, answer polls, and check into sessions. Completing these activities earned points and the winner walked away with a Meetingmax gift basket. As a result, with a combination of intrinsic (peer recognition through the app’s leaderboard) and extrinsic (the tangible prize), event attendees were engaged and motivated to participate.


At Unconvention 2020, attendees can expect the unexpected. Meetingmax believes in the power of play, and how it can be used as an impactful educational tool. There is lots to learn, but who says you need to be in a stuffy ballroom to learn it? Get ready for out of the box thinking and an exciting variety of venues to stay on top of what’s new in event housing. 

The Unconvention is for housing managers that use, or are interested in using, the Meetingmax software and who wish to become more efficient in their housing operations. The Unconvention is an interactive user conference where you can learn about successful housing practices. The conference is fun & engaging and is the only industry conference focused on room block management.

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