What you need to know to conquer this new decade


The world of meetings and events is constantly changing.


With the new year upon us, there are plenty of mile-long trend reports floating around. It can be overwhelming to think about where to spend your time and money, but here are Meetingmax’s top event trends for 2020 and tips on how to capitalize on them.

Number 1Experiential Learning

Close to our hearts, experiential learning is the talk of the town in 2020. Since our first Unconvention in 2009, we have put a focus on switching up the traditional event format in order to enhance the learning experience. This doesn’t just mean whisking attendees around town to fun venues, this means using unique experiences to enhance the learning process.

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Number 2Leverage your Data


There is so much data available at our fingertips, it can be hard to know where to start. Understanding how to use your data can mean increased event attendance, and happier event attendees. This data can also be used in the marketing of future events to drive decision making on where to host your event, and what will motivate people to attend.

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Number 3Gamification


Allow your event attendees to lean into their competitive side by integrating gamification into your event. Event apps  are an easy and effective way to do this, but when it comes down to implementing this in your event, the sky is the limit. Gamification means using a game mechanism to encourage some sort of behavioural change, so consider what kind of behaviour you want to encourage at your next event, and get creative!

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Number 4Sustainability


We know how much goes into the execution of a single event. So making an event “sustainable” can feel like a daunting (and expensive) task. However, even small changes can make a huge impact. Try switching one meal from meat to plant-based, providing a water bottle re-fill station, or reusing your name badges year over year to make a positive difference without breaking the bank.

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Number 5Data Consolidation

It’s more important than ever for your event technology systems to be connected. This means that your registration platform, housing software, and mobile app should be speaking to each other in order to make your attendee’s experience easier by auto-populating their information and preferences. This allows you to extract the data that matters most to you, and creates a seamless experience for your user. You can achieve this one of two ways: either use a comprehensive event technology solution, or a specialized event technology solution with an open API (like Meetingmax), to integrate with your other tools.

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Number 6Relationship Building


Branding plays an important role in consumer trust and consumer behaviour. The funny thing is, when this branding is done well, it probably won’t cross your attendee’s minds. When it is done poorly however, it causes confusion and mistrust. Consistently branding your event’s physical and digital presence is an important stage in building a relationship with your attendees.

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