At our recent user conference, the Unconvention, Jordanna Hunter, our talented Product Owner, took the stage to demystify APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and their transformative power in the world of event housing. This session was packed with valuable insights tailored for Event Housing Managers looking to optimize their processes with Meetingmax.

What are APIs?

APIs are essentially bridges that allow different software systems to communicate and share data seamlessly. Think of them as translators in the digital world, enabling the Meetingmax platform to integrate smoothly with various software you are using.
Unlocking the magic of Meetingmax APIs

Using Meetingmax APIs

Meetingmax uses two methods when it comes to APIs; the ‘POST’ and ‘GET’ Requests. A ‘POST’ is to add information, just like posting on Instagram or Facebook, you are adding to the website. A ‘GET’ is to receive information, these are a request for information and the response back is Information.
All API requests to the Meetingmax Application must include an authenticated token. This token verifies that a Meetingmax user is requesting data. It ensures that the response includes data from your site only and it prevents outside entities from requesting the data.

Automating Housing Processes with Meetingmax APIs

Here are some key processes that can be enhanced by APIs:

  • Seamless Data Transfer: Automatically sync attendee information between your registration system and Meetingmax, reducing manual entry and potential errors.
  • Housing Pick-up: Keep your event housing data current and accurate with updates across the platform. For example, you can integrate with Simpleview CRM using APIs to POST Event Pick-up numbers into Meetingmax.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Allows you to extract key data points to integrate into your preferred analytics or planning platforms.

Jordanna Hunter Presenting at Unconvention 2024 on Meetingmax APIs

How can you set up an API?

As mentioned, Authentication is required for every API Call. Using the Site Key from your Meetingmax Master Control Panel (MCP), you can generate an API Token that allows you to ‘POST’ or ‘GET’ Requests from Meetingmax.
Once you’ve generated a Meetingmax API token, you’ll need to provide the following to the system administrator of the other software system you want Meetingmax to communicate with:

  1. API Documentation: Click on the ‘View API documentation’ button in the ‘Setup’ section of the MCP. Share the link with the intended recipient. It contains valuable information on using APIs to pull data from your Meetingmax site.
  2. System Identifier: Located in the yellow box, it’s a 3-digit number linking to your site in Meetingmax.
  3. API Site Key: Generate a unique key for each party you wish to set up an API call with. Steps on how to generate these can be found here.

Each of these can be found in the API section of the Meetingmax MCP. To access the API section; click the dropdown arrow in the top left corner of the MCP. Navigate to ‘Setup’ and then the ‘API’ Tab.
Meetingmax API Information
Jordanna’s session was a game-changer, showing how Meetingmax APIs can unlock new levels of efficiency and accuracy in event housing. For those who missed it, don’t worry – our team is here to help you explore these features and find the best solutions for your needs.

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