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As an event planner you excel at creating exceptional experiences for your clients and their attendees. Meetingmax supports you in doing what you do best, end-to-end event and conference management.
We do this by giving you full control over the management of your hotel room blocks. For instance, customizable branding per event, increased pickup inside the block, and the ability to track your commissions anywhere, anytime.
Check out the video to explore an overview of how event planners efficiently manage hotel room blocks inside Meetingmax.

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  • Create new revenue streams
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Event planners can benefit from the following:

Collect Fees Upfront

Forward thinking event planners no longer rely solely on post-event rebates & commissions from their hotel partners. Instead, they are collecting revenue up front during the booking process. Likewise, Meetingmax offers a free integration with Stripe, allowing you to to collect revenue at the time of booking. Create new revenue streams through booking fees, tiered cancellation fees, and penalties. Use this revenue to offset costs or expand your operations.

Meet Attrition Clauses

Attrition clauses… (cue Jaws theme song)… every event planner’s worst nightmare! Meetingmax’s room block management software simplifies attrition management. To start, you have full control to see who has booked inside the block; cross compare to registration to capture more room bookings. Secondly, once you’ve met attrition at one property, easily turn off bookings there to direct guests to book at overflow properties. Additionally, Meetingmax offers reporting on comp rooms and concessions.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you host multiple events throughout the year or one major event every few years, Meetingmax pricing plans are designed to be flexible for event planners.
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Simplify Your Life

Meetingmax offers many features to ease your workload. Firstly, tiered access gives event planners full control over what users can view, change, and access and when they gain access. For example, if your client wants to know how their block is doing, you can provide them limited access to a custom portal where they can view group pickup (but not make any changes to the event). Secondly, you can pre-schedule reports to send to key contacts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Room Nights That Don’t Expire!

Meetingmax has many key features to help event planners save time and improve efficiency, including room nights that don’t expire. It can be difficult to forecast your annual pickup; with Meetingmax you don’t need to forecast. Simply buy a bucket of room nights that fits your needs. Additionally, subscriptions include unlimited number of users and events.

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