Why Meetingmax for Event Planners?

We know that you as an event planner you excel at creating exceptional experiences for your clients and their attendees.

Meetingmax supports you in doing what you do best, end-to-end event and conference management.

Track bookings, increase group pickup and effectively manage your commissions anywhere.

Check out the video to explore an overview of how event planners efficiently manage event room blocks inside Meetingmax.

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Flexible & Powerful

  • Provide tailored access for hotel & planner partners
  • Create new, and expand existing, revenue streams
  • Scale your housing operations
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These are some of the key indicators that you and Meetingmax are meant to be together:

You are tired of dealing with multiple agencies and are ready to make room block management a unique differentiator for your events,


You don’t want the cost and hassle of a customized system; just the flexibility,


You are experts in room block management; you have extensive relationships with hotels and are considered a key client with the major players,


Multiple, large scale events are what you do really well!

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