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Cvent Passkey is a well established player in the event technology industry. At Meetingmax, we consider them a comprehensive solution. By that, we mean that Cvent offers multiple components for your event tech stack such as sourcing, registration, promotion, event apps, and more. Think of them as a one-stop-shop for your events. Well this sounds good, bigger isn’t always better. A large supplier like Cvent Passkey means more red tape, less customization, little flexibility, and higher costs.
So, what’s an alternative to Passkey? Well, us.

Meetingmax is a specialist. This means that we are clearly focused on one component, room block management software, and have a deep understanding of it. We are experts in our field, offering specialized functionality, advanced features, agile product development, and flexibility.
You can learn more about comprehensive versus specialist suppliers below:

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Cvent Passkey Alternative


Discover how Meetingmax compares to Cvent Passkey

When selecting a room block management software provider there are many factors that you want to consider such as software features, customer service, ability to integrate with other solutions, and cost.

  1. Software Features

    As an event manager you know that each event is unique and rarely managed the same way. The same applies to event accommodation management. At Meetingmax, we’ve seen it all and, as such, have built our software to accommodate it all. Both Meetingmax and Passkey have advanced feature sets such as:

      • Flexible room rate management: change rates per night, hide rates, comp room nights, variable taxes & fees, and more.
      • Rooming list functionality: manage and import rooming lists
      • Advanced sub-block functionality: custom branding, pricing, and verbiage per sub-block. Learn more about Meetingmax’s sub-block capabilities.
      • Sub-block requests: Allow groups to request sub-blocks which you can approve and automatically assign inventory.
      • Customizable branding: custom images, headers, advertisement, verbiage and colours per event.
      • In-depth reports: customizable rooming lists, pace reports, pick-up by day, event summary, and more.
      • Real-time revenue tracking: keep tabs on your commission, rebates, and event fees.
      • And more…


  2. Customer Service

    At Meetingmax we pride ourselves on Ridiculously Remarkable Support. We consider our clients partners and work with them to achieve success in housing. We also like to have fun while doing it! We’ll celebrate your success every step of the way. Our support is never outsourced. With Meetingmax you can expect:

      • A dedicated Client Success Manager: no minimum contract value required
      • Extensive onboarding
      • Quarterly business reviews: a strategy call with your CSM every 3 months
      • 24 hr access to hotel training videos
      • 24 hr access to online training videos
      • 24 hr access to knowledge base
      • Annual user conference: The Unconvention, focused entirely on event room block management
      • Complimentary slippers: Because a comfortable client is a happy client!


  3. Integrations

    As mentioned above, Cvent Passkey is connected to the rest of their event tech stack through various integrations. Alternatively, Meetingmax offers an open API making it easy to integrate with outside technology. Additionally Meetingmax offers existing integrations with:

      • Aventri registration: guests seamlessly move from registration to booking hotel accommodations. Learn more.
      • Simpleview CRM: Convention & Visitor Bureaus can enjoy a host of benefits from our integration with Simpleview. Learn more.
      • Stripe: Collect revenue during guest bookings and hotel modifications. Learn more.


  4. Cost

    Much like registration, both Meetingmax and Cvent Passkey charge on a per unit basis; Meetingmax typically charges per room night while Passkey typically charges per reservation. During the Covid-era when it was next to impossible for event planners to forecast annual commitments, Meetingmax completely revamped their pricing model allowing clients to buy as many room night units as they needed, when they needed them. This eliminates the to guess, forecast, or commit to a specific volume. In addition, Meetingmax offers:

      • Room nights that don’t expire
      • Unlimited number of events
      • Unlimited number of users
      • Discounts on up-front payments

Whew, that’s a lot of information! Download the Meetingmax Cvent Passkey Comparison PDF for a quick recap:

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