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Are you an event holder who owns and manages your own event? Partner with Meetingmax to gain full control over your hotel room blocks!
Event room block management software allows you to generate revenue from attendees when they book their hotel rooms, import rooming lists to quickly create staff, speaker, or VIP blocks, and match your main event branding with our many customizations including images, messaging, and primary colour selection.
Check out the video to explore an overview of how event holders can better manage room block inside Meetingmax.

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Flexible & Powerful

  • Match your event branding
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Manage multiple sub-blocks (staff, speakers, VIPs, and more)
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Event holders will benefit from the following:

Custom Branding

Event branding matters, especially to event holders! You want to create a seamless guest experience from your main event website to hotel bookings. Meetingmax offers many branding opportunities such as headers, background images, primary colour, sub-block branding, and email customizations. Additionally, embed code to include links, buttons, surveys, and more. Finally, banner ads allow you to easily promote sponsors or company products.

Integrated Technology

Meetingmax offers an open API so that event holders can integrate our event room block management software with their existing event tech stack. For example, you can integrate your attendees hotel reservation information with your registration platform. Additionally, we offer a pre-existing integration with Aventri; learn more here.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you host multiple events throughout the year or one major event every few years, Meetingmax pricing plans are designed to be flexible for event planners.
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Sub-block Management

Are you having a hard time managing multiple room blocks (think staff, speakers, VIPs)? Individually brand sub-blocks, clone sub-blocks, and create customized communication and payment settings for each group attending your event. For example, you could create a block of staff rooms at a different rate than general attendees. Learn more about Meetingmax’s advanced sub-block management tools.

Collect Fees Upfront

Forward thinking event holders no longer rely solely on post-event rebates & commissions from their hotel partners. Instead, they are collecting revenue up front during the booking process. Meetingmax offers a free integration with Stripe, allowing you to to collect revenue at the time of booking. Create new revenue streams through booking fees, tiered cancellation fees, and penalties.

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